Group of Companies

“Cells Power, Co., Ltd” is part of an international group of companies, all of which specialize in providing medical and tourism services, with a special accent on the VIP market. 

High-quality management and staff performance is guaranteed by cross-shareholding schemes with either a majority stake or blocking shareholding.

This allows us to create unique offers for our patients and provides us with many strong points on the market. 


We are now a group of the following companies:

I-C-I-D, Pte. Ltd, Singapore

This company is a leader in providing medical tourism services in Singapore to tourists from CIS countries. This company uses a successful business model, which combines typical tourism  products with tailor-made  services for foreign clients.

AV-Cells, Pte. Ltd, Singapore

This company is a pioneer in medical application of allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells in complex treatment  programs, such as anti-aging, revitalization, and preventive medicine. 

The company’s own R&D lab supplies its partner medical institutions in South-East Asia with unique cell products, which have proven to be highly effective.

Medical Grid, Co.Ltd., Tokyo

This company  brings together a group of professionals, experienced in private and government initiatives in healthcare. 

This company’s business focuses on medical and healthcare IT, implementation of medical technologies and management models, introduction of  government and private initiatives into healthcare industry for its modernization.