Medical Institutions

Cooperation with leading scientific center allows us to say with confidence that cellular products and technologies that we offer are totally safe, tested and recommended by the best scientists of the day.



Laboratory of Advanced Biomedical Technologies

The Laboratory's team of experienced doctors and scientists, carefully select the most advanced methods of treatment, preventive and rejuvenation medicine. Regenerative medicine is one of the major fields of work of the Laboratory and highly skilled professionals will do their best to offer You unique treatment programs. 



  Shinkenan Clinic, Tokyo

This is a small VIP-level clinic, deisgned in Japanese style and equipped with hi-tech medical devices.

It offers a wide range of diagnostic services: both laboratory-based traditional tests, and alternative diagnostic techniques.

Its therapy department treats a variety of disorders, while the rehabilitation and anti-aging departments will do their best to ensure your longevity and beauty.

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St. Luke’s International Hospital 

This is one of the major clinics in Tokyo area, which offers best possible treatment, consultations in any field by highly-qualified doctors, as well as the comfort of a modern medical institution.




La Clinic (Singapore)


Body Group Clinic (Hong Kong)


La Clinic (Jakarta)

La Clinic (Hong Kong)

Belo Medical Group (Manila)