Training of cellular technologies for physicians

Cells Power Japan Company, as part of its advocacy activities, organizes educational seminars for physicians on various aspects of the implementation of cellular technologies in the practice of medicine and anti-aging. All of our advocacy activities are lead by only the world's best scientists and practitioners that use stem cells in their daily work.

After training, each participant receives the official certificate, proved the obtained professional knowledge and qualification improvement of the physician.

Host hotels and associated services meet the highest guests’ requirements, and thematic content contributes to a significant increase in professional status and, consequently, the future demand for physicians.


Today, Cells Power Japan has a successful experience in organizing dozens of seminars on the entire South-East Asia, which were attended by hundreds of top scientists, doctors and officials of the medical sphere of:

It is also possible to organize educational events on the basis of partner clinics in Europe and Japan - the country with the most advanced medical technologies and professional experts in the field of cellular medicine.

In addition to educational seminars for of physicians, Cells Power Japan organizes educational events for potential patients also, which contributes to the public interest in cutting-edge cellular medicine, anti-aging and cosmetology. These events also regularly organized employees and specialists from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.