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The Japanese company is looking for medical partners in Malaysia

Representation of the Japanese company "Kintaro Cells Power" in Malaysia in connection with the increased demand for our cellular technologies invites to cooperation clinics and doctors of different profiles as partners!

If you represent a clinic or are an independent specialist in the field of medicine or cosmetology, then we suggest that you introduce the mega-resultant cellular technologies of Kintaro Cells for treatment and anti-aging. Having proven unique effectiveness in the therapy of a variety of diseases and rejuvenation of the body, stem cells are in great demand among patients. The possibilities of elite medicine with the use of stem cells are practically unlimited: treatment of chronic diseases, diabetes, cardiac diseases, consequences of stroke, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and genitourinary system, neurological diseases (including cerebral palsy), treatment of eye diseases, degenerative and traumatic changes in the musculoskeletal system (Including arthritis and arthrosis), allergies, etc.

Treatment with the help of stem cells actively develops all over the world and is very promising for Malaysia. According to the forecast of the World Health Organization, by the year 2025, every third patient of the clinic will receive injections of mesenchymal stem cells. Behind the cellular technologies the future!

The company "Kintaro Cells Power" owns high-tech laboratories, cultivating the popular, unique cell product Kintaro Sells - mesenchymal stem cells of the bone marrow, obtained from healthy young donors. Kintaro Sells is the gold standard of mesenchymal stem cells, absolutely safe, does not carry any risk to health and does not cause rejection by the immune system (for more details on the benefits of using mesenchymal stem cells, see http://kintarocells.com/en/product). The quality of Japanese stem cells is confirmed by the corresponding certificates and experience of hundreds of patients.

Do not miss the unique opportunity to be among the first progressive doctors in Malaysia who will offer patients a new perspective treatment and recovery. We offer you together to achieve unprecedented successes in the treatment of patients with innovative technologies for the use of stem cells, improve the status in the medical market and the professionalism of your doctors, significantly improve the rates of cure and increase the number of patients. Already today in Malaysia there is a huge demand and a number of those wishing to receive the highest quality and ultramodern medical services.

For its part, «Kintaro Сells Power» provides reliable organizational and informational support at all stages of the introduction of cellular therapy into your practice. Our company also conducts regular educational seminars for doctors and potential patients. The activities of Kintaro Cells Power in Malaysia are carried out in partnership with Malaysia Association for Cell Therapy, and cooperation with us does not imply financial costs on your part. We will be glad to see you among our official partners!

To agree on a personal meeting with the representative of the company "Kintaro Cells Power" you can go to +60 16 320 7572 (mob.), +60 32 716 7235 (tel.) or e-mail malaysia@cellspower.com.

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