Japan Health Management

An innovative model of longevity and health recovery - Japan Health Management System

Ancient Eastern Wisdom says: “The right to live is given to everyone, but health and longevity is a privilege”. Traditional techniques of physical and mental health and prolongation of life have been developing for centuries from generation to generation. The Government of Japan strongly supports researches in health and medicine. All this taken with high motivation of the population to a healthy lifestyle has helped Japan to be way ahead among other developed countries.

In the new millennium, the company Cells Power has created an innovative model of Japan Health Management System (JHM-System), thanks to revolutionary breakthroughs in scientific researches. This allows the development of personalized health and wellness programs based on indicators of body functions and reserve capacity in a specific person.

Japan Health Management System is a custom-made package of measures aimed at solving health problems and improving overall health of patients during the entire period of cooperation (regardless of actual physical location)

Japan Health Management System is:

  • Detailed cutting-edge diagnostic services, including the latest medical techniques (the clinic in Japan);
  • Identification of health problems and prediction of the health risks;
  • Development of a personalized set of measures for the contract validity period;
  • All the necessary medical procedures in clinic in Japan;
  • Distance support of the company specialists, control and consultation, recommendations on the personalized program;
  • Individual supervision of each patient by specialists of Cells Power. When necessary, program correction, recommendations, if any question should arise.
  • When necessary, specialists of Cells Power can visit the patient for procedures or personal consultations.

Japan Health Management System - a new approach to health and longevity management