Feedback from our patients


Having received cell treatment, I live each day happily. Friends who I have not seen me for quite a while, talk about visible changes in my condition.

Chronic diseases of the nervous system

Anna, 34 years old

Suffers from multiple sclerosis for 17 years. The disease is progressing rapidly since 2005, after she gave birth to a child.

Cancer treatment

Rosalia, 72 years old.

I was getting complex treatment (microclysters, injections, pills, IVs, and injections of stem cells). With each treatment I feel better, my hemoglobin level rises, I experience less blood loss.


Boris G., 66 years old.

The results of treatment based on examinations (scintigraphy, ultrasound, treadmill test, etc..) are very encouraging. As for my general feeling, it seems to me that my life has become more comfortable