Anti-aging treatment

Stem cells are a unique tool of modern cosmetology and medicine. In addition to the therapeutic effect, stem cells have amazing restorative, rejuvenating effects and slow down the aging process. 

With the development of cells research, regenerative medicine also experienced a boom. Regenerative medicine launched its research from the study of natural regeneration processes in the body (continuously updating tissues of the dermis, for example), and researchers found that the body has powerful tools for emergency recovery (which is needed to repair damage caused by injury, illness or other negative factors). However, this regeneration has its drawbacks: the wound would heal and form a scar. 

Scholars were studying attentively such emergency regeneration processes, and realized that a major role in them belongs to local tissue stem cells of an adult organism, and cells that are circulating (hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells). Mesenchymal cells circulate in very small quantities, but they are a necessary element for regeneration. They tend to travel to the damaged areas and work there about as much as they did in the embryonic period, when any tissue was built from stem cells. If the stem cells are strongly stimulated, emergency recovery will be closer to physiological, i.e. there will be no scars, and tissues will not be damaged.

Stem cells, a powerful tool in recovery processes, are able to prolong youth, improve the overall condition, as well as the condition of  skin and hair.


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