Cosmetic medicine

Stem cells today are widely used in skin care, and with very good regenerative effect. 



Stem cells in skin and hair care provide: 

  • non-surgical facelift 
  • reduction of wrinkles 
  • treatment of scars 
  • overall  improving the condition of hair and skin 

Widely used are mesotherapy treatment, as well as creams and masks based on stem cell products. 

Mesotherapy with stem cells has the following effects in skin rejuvenation: 

  • evident  lifting effect; 
  • improved skin tone, hydration and skin color; 
  • wrinkles and acne disappear; 
  • skin texture improves; 
  • pigmentation fades

Cellular products

“Conditioned environment liquid” , a particularly valuable by-product of cell cultivation, can be used as a spray or mask in cosmetology. Its use increases the suction capacity of the skin, and vitamins and organic components are fully absorbed by the skin. As a result, the skin’s elasticity, tone and general look is significantly improved.

MSCs for hair treatment

Mesotherapy for hair treatment is widely used and proves to be very effective in envigorating hair, restoring its natural, healthy look.

MSCs are also applied to treat hair loss. Stem cells stimulate hair growth, thus new hair can be grown without transplantation. 

By-products of cell cultivation are also extremely effective in preventing hair loss and improving hair condition.   


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