Preventive treatment

Cellular therapy works wonders not only in disease treatment but also in prevention. Scientists and doctors applying stem cell therapy noticed that cells work not only in the affected organ or area, but also have a strong overall tonic effect. "Side effects" of cell therapy were: significant improvement in general health, skin rejuvenation and hair revitalization! 

As human aging progresses there is a steady decline in the number of stem cells in the body, recovery of tissues is slowing down with age. The lack of stem cells in the elderly makes it harder to recover from illnesses and injuries. And on opposite, the more stem cells we have in the body, the stronger we are to diseases, the more resistant to viruses and aging.

Average number of stem cells in the human body: 

At birth - 1 stem cell in the 10 thousand other cells; 

20 - 25 years old - 1 SC in 100 thousand; 

30 years - 1 SC in 300 thousand; 

50 years - 1 SC in 500 thousand;

Stem cells are "builders" of all organs and tissues: when injected into the body they travel to the weakest places and begin to “work” there.

Supply of stem cells can be depleted as a result of serious illnesses, the mechanism of their release into the systemic circulation may be disrupted, and their ability to divide  may be damaged (e.g., after radiation exposure). Without the work of the stem cells regeneration processes cannot be effective and the vital activity of the different organs weakens. 

Additional injection of stem cells can activate the regeneration of tissues. 

The use of different types of stem cells and their combinations, their combination with medication, the use of various technologies of cultivation and the introduction of stem cells into the body opens up new possibilities for the treatment of many serious diseases, some of which were previously considered incurable.


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