Diabetes is not a verdict anymore! By means of stem cells, this awful disease can be cured at early stages, especially for children. 

In neglected cases of disease, stem cells can be helpful too. They can help to stop further progression of diabetes, reduce blood sugar level and most importantly -prevent the damage of different organs (kidney, vessels etc).

In terms of medicine, stem cells transform into pancreas beta cells and renew the micro circulatitory vessels damaged by diabetes, and by that could prevent aftereffects of disease. No other treatment could normalize pancreas beta cells that produce insulin. Failure in its functioning is a main cause of this disease.

There are several types of diabetes. Most common are Type I and Type II. Type I diabetes is associated with damage to cells that produce insulin, resulting in the lack of insulin - the key, which would open the door to the cells to obtain glucose. With type II diabetes, insulin is produced, but its effect on the cells is damaged. Receptor system is damaged, causing the cells to starve, without receiving the necessary insulin. Both types of diabetes are diseases with very strong autoimmune component. 

Stem cells dramatically weaken the influence of immune system on cells, thus much less forms of oxygen are produced. Cell damage due to oxidation is very often used by the body as a defense mechanism. 

In pancreas  there are many progenitor cells, which can produce insulin. All ducts are filled with stem cells, which are multiplying and differentiating to produce insulin afterwards. But in some cases this mechanism breaks down: a viral disease may have transferred protein components, and it is a foreign protein. This is a kind of label, by which the body recognizes these cells as foreign and does not allow them to further multiply. The result is a first type of diabetes: insulin is not produced and, therefore, there are problems with metabolism are damaged vessels. The conclusion is simple: if you remove the blockade of autoimmune system, cells begin to multiply and diabetes can be overcome. 

Injection of stem cells allows us to obtain a large number of cells producing insulin, and thus remove the symptoms of diabetes. It is already widely applied in medical practice. Many hospitals and medical centers state that Type II diabetes can be cured by means of cellular therapy.

Cellular technologies of Kintaro Cells Power demonstrate excellent results in carbohydrate metabolism correction, showing reduced levels of insulin in type-1 diabetes, and normalization of blood glucose level in type-2 diabetes.Dozens of our patients have demonstrated effectiveness of successful diabetes treatment  by medically confirmed results! 

When ordering a medical procedure before June 25, 2017, you get a guaranteed 20% discount  for the entire course of treatment!.

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