In the area of medicine as orthopedics, therapy with the use of stem cells in degenerative and traumatic changes of the musculoskeletal system is a real breakthrough. Whether it is a disease of the hip, knee, shoulder, or spine - all these areas of orthopedics successfully treatable with stem cells.

Nowadays, the most popular directions are: arthritic joints, especially the knee one, pseudarthrosis (false joint), necrosis of the femoral head, bone fractures. For many patients, this innovative technique allows to save their joints, put off their prosthetics and improve quality of life. In traumatology the stem cells play a role of bone implants, which can be successfully  treated by small fractures.

A decisive factor to reach the success of such therapy using stem cells in orthopedics, is a timely intervention, when injury or degenerative changes of the locomotor system is not developed so much that there is almost nothing left form the original damaged organ.

Starting stem cell therapy in orthopedics at the early degeneration process, in many cases, it is possible to stop the progression of the disease, to recover the damaged area, thus to avoid orthopedic surgery involving an artificial joint implantation.

In addition to the regeneration processes in the nature of the medium and long-term flow, stem cells also have anti-inflammatory effects, which provides the patient drastic pain reduction.

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